SEO and Marketing

SEO and Marketing


A Marketing Strategy?

The term “SEO” refers to “Searching Engine Optimization,” an adopted term by the consultant industry which optimizes sites for their clients. That is exactly what SEO Vancouver does. SEO experts often propose SEO as a single service, making part of a bigger marketing company. Because it is an efficient optimization process, it can request changes in the source code of the website. It is recommended to be included in the central development the design too to become “Search Engine Friendly.” “Search Engine Friendly” refers to design, menus, management system and the products that can be easily optimized.

SEO – good or bad? Debatable

Even though SEO is very popular nowadays, it hasn’t always been like that. There were a lot of people complaining about websites following strict rules; they thought that no matter how complex or imperfect the code was, anyone could still find a way to find the relevant results. Later it was agreed that search engines need a clue to sort out the information and make it relatable – that is what SEO does, adding proper structure to your content. Without SEO, your website could be perceived as invisible to other searching engines.

Constantly Changing SEO

Throughout the years, SEO has changed a lot regarding what should be written on the website to make it pop-up from the others and be the top result on a searching engine. Lately, it is well-known that sites compete for placement in the search engines and only the ones with experience and vast knowledge will be able to rank their website among the top ones. Search marketing will be an important aspect for those who want to be competitive and to stay among the first results.

The Value of a Keyword

As we all know by now, keywords have a significant influence when it comes to traffic and friendly user interface. But before jumping in with a lot of keywords, ask yourself first it they are relevant to your website’s content if the searchers will be able to find what they are looking for and more importantly: are they going to be happy with what they find? Understanding the importance of the keywords you use, you can drastically improve your website and your rank.


It may be, or it may not be a marketing strategy, but a thing I know for sure is that SEO Vancouver is providing your website with the most useful and relevant content to make sure that you hit the traffic you desire and more importantly, help your customers.