Why i love this electric scooter

I just love that these are completely Electric in that I don’t have to use oil or gas or any of those ethical fuels that are currently major issues within our society and climate in this day and age. I do not like producing exhaust fumes in this day and age, and I am happy that finally an Elektroroller has been released that allows me to conveniently transport myself throughout a city in a way that does not require me to create excess exhaust. I just think that this is made for almost everybody who lives in the city. I like that speeding is hardly an option, but it doesn’t mean that you are always driving slow. To cruise at about 45 kilometers an hour is more than enough in this city, and it is perfect for most cities. I think that this is a safe Choice compared to a lot of other scooters, and I love that only people who have their driver’s licenses can drive these legally as well. It’s great that you can customize so many aspects of your unique vehicle, and that everything is made exactly how you wanted to be. I love that the battery is so light,but that it works for 3 days without recharging. I love that I can drive this 450 kilometers at a time, and then it will only take 5 hours to recharge. That even on a short night of sleep, the duration of my evening will be long enough for me to have a fully charged, 50 kilometer battery as soon as I awake. I love that UNU has put so much effort into creating efficiency. It is a light design, that uses as little electricity as possible. But, even still, they find new ways to create amazing amounts of efficiency, like the braking system. The braking system relies on a recovery system that specializes in kinetic energy, and that is very well-known on professional racing circuits. Basically, each time you press your brakes, the excess energy that was spent in breaking it sent back into your battery.