Buying a recliner for lumbar support


The debate on which kind falls in the best recliners category has been going on for a while now. Recliners have different utility. Not all recliner chairs are designed for medical purposes, and not all of them can be utilized for so.

If you are specifically in search of a recliner that gives you lumbar support, then there are things you must put into consideration. Buying a recliner which gives you medically proven lumbar support is your best chance to decrease lumbar or back pain. Recliner chairs are usually comfortable and relaxing, but lumbar support is different than just comfort. The lumbar support recliners aim at supporting a type of posture. Your posture is one of the first thing a therapist asks you to fix. With the right angle and posture, you can reduce the pain and heal your spine.


There are certain features you must search for when buying a recliner for medical conditions. These features and benefits include:

  • A neutral zero gravity position which naturally decompress the joints and relieves soreness, muscle tension and fatigue
  • Gives a good position for footrest without compromising the angle of back for better blood circulation and lung capacity
  • Different models that come in different sizes to adjust with people who are tall and short
  • Electrically operated is a preference, as it has better utility and prevents exertion,

Lumbar cushion

Not all recliners come with a lumbar support cushioning. The cushions designed for lumbar support have a certain kind of curve and material that aids in releasing the stress from the muscles. These cushions are generally well padded. It helps the spine stay in its place and reduces the pressure and exertion from the spinal region.

Massage recliner

Along with lumbar support, back and spine pain patients require something of an added comfort. Many recliners now come with a cyclo-therapy technology which gives the occupant a good massage while he is seated on the chair. It transfers heat and vibration to the muscle tissues which enhances the blood circulation, releases pressure from sore spots, improves oxygen and gives a complete relaxation to the body

Feet and back balance:

The feet and back balance are essential when it comes to buying a lumbar support recliner. Remember that the best recliners for lumbar support have dual motors that operates the footrest and backrest independently.