4 Tips for Better App Screenshots

4 Tips for Better App Screenshots

Screenshots are one kind of different factors that are in the core of app ranking algorithms. Screenshots make it much easier for the customers to guess if your app is friendly enough for them or not. Without screenshots that describe the functionality of your app, no one would get attracted to it. Without screenshots, your app is a closed box for people. Schrodinger suggested to close his box on his imaginary cat before. Believe me, none of the students has ever liked him again, not even his box nor his cat. In order to make your app capable of capturing the minds of the customers, then give them some sweet part of how it looks like. If you don’t know how to optimize the screenshots for your app to get a higher rank, then here is how you do that with your eyes closed.

  • Best features for best positions

The most affecting photos in your screenshots is the first ones. Placing the most significant features in the beginning would enhance the probability to get your app affecting the people seeing it. It would deliver the message of the real significance of your app in no time.

  • Use designing tools

Mere screenshots of your app with no visual effects are like lemonade juice without sugar. You don’t want to try that taste, do you? Always add some effects to enhance the message you want to tell by the screenshot. You can also use a template for the screenshot. Making that template relevant to the app itself would add some value to the idea.

  • Don’t deceive

Deceiving your customers by showing the app doing something it can’t do is, according to Immanuel Kant, against the universal low of morality. Plus the fact that people would get angry of you and will give you very bad reviews. No one would download your app and you won’t find any money to live on. But this is a marginal issue, the morality thing is more important. Remember, always be honest in describing what your app can do. Visual effects are supposed to be for enhancement only. They are not supposed to change facts.

  • Get the eyes comfortable

Don’t try to get many features in one screenshot, instead make a single feature for each screenshot. Make those screenshots with high resolution so people don’t struggle to get the idea behind a blurry picture. Most of people like clear illustrating pictures. You do that, and you won’t have to worry about the competitors’ app store rankings.